Elevating your confidence and presentation skills


Presentation Excellence

This comprehensive course is designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to cultivate executive presence and master effective presentation techniques. Executive presence is a critical factor in leadership success, and polished presentation skills are essential for communicating ideas with impact and influence. Participants will explore the nuances of executive presence, learn how to command attention, and acquire strategies for delivering compelling presentations. By the end of this course, students will possess the confidence and skills needed to excel in high-stakes situations and leave a lasting impression.


This course is suitable for those who are looking to elevate their presence, confidence, and gain presentation excellence.


This course is a 4-week program, consisting of 4 two-hour sessions. It is designed to be delivered as a series of live sessions with interactive activities, hands-on exercises, and personalised coaching. Participants are encouraged to apply the skills learned in real-world scenarios and receive feedback for continuous improvement.

Throughout this course you will learn how to:

Understand the concept of executive presence.

  • Define executive presence and its importance in leadership.
  • Recognise the key components of executive presence, including communication, gravitas, and appearance.

Develop and enhance executive presence.

  • Learn techniques to project confidence, authority, and authenticity.
  • Practice effective body language, vocal delivery, and interpersonal communication.

Master presentation skills for impactful communication.

  • Understand the structure of a compelling presentation.
  • Learn techniques for engaging and persuading an audience.

Handle high-stakes situations with poise.

  • Develop strategies for remaining composed under pressure.
  • Learn how to navigate challenging Q&A sessions and unexpected situations.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in role-playing, case studies, peer feedback, and interactive discussions to reinforce their learning. By the end of the course, they will have the skills and confidence to exude executive presence and deliver impactful presentations in a variety of professional settings.


The expert leading this course is Andrea Byrne


Module One

Introduction to Executive Presence

  • Defining Executive Presence
  • Assessing Your Current Presence

Module TWO

Projecting Confidence and Authenticity

  • Techniques for Projecting Confidence
  • Authentic Communication

Module Three

Polished Presentation Skills

  • Structuring a Compelling Presentation
  • Engaging Techniques for Impact

Module FOUR

Effective Vocal Delivery and Articulation

  • Voice Modulation and Tone
  • Articulation and Clarity

Module FIVE

Interpersonal Communication and Gravitas

  • Developing Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Cultivating Gravitas

Module SIX

Handling Q&A Sessions and Unexpected Challenges

  • Strategies for Navigating Q&A Sessions
  • Remaining Composed under Pressure

Module SEVEN

Personalised Coaching and Feedback

  • You will have the opportunity to deliver short presentations, receive personalised feedback from the instructor and peers, and implement improvements in real time.

Module EIGHT

Integration and Continuous Improvement

  • You will have the opportunity to reflect on your progress, discuss challenges, and create a plan for ongoing development beyond the course.


  • Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is expected
  • Respectful Participation: Create a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants

Required Texts and Materials

  • Access will be given to all course materials and online resources 

Support and Resources

  • Online Discussion Forum for Q&A 
  • Additional Reading and Research Materials 


  • Course content and schedule are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion


All sessions will be delivered online via our exclusive platform with your instructor or can be adapted to on location. Please enquire below.

Andrea is an inspiring speaker, who engages her audiences through being authentic, articulate and compelling. She captivated the room when delivering a keynote speech at one of our Women in PR Cymru events. The stories she told about her career experiences, and her personal reflections, were both honest and entertaining. We received fantastic feedback from delegates who were all totally drawn to her warmth and approachable style.

Rachel Moss

I had the privilege of working alongside Andrea when she spoke at TEDx Swansea. Andrea’s talk was incredibley powerful and it was inspirational to hear her talk about such an important subject.

Emma Jay – TEDx speaker Author Coach