It’s time to

Elevate your wellbeing



Ensuring a sustainable and flourishing future starts with yourself. Performing at your best is a balance, humans are fine tuned machines and when we focus on key elements, overall performance is optimised. Those who take care of themselves and invest in the wellbeing of their teams, are proven to perform better.


What does good health look like for you? Having a healthy mind and body is integral to working and feeling at our best. Our health experts are experienced across a range of across all aspects of health – from sleep to hormonal health. With a tailored and bespoke approach they can help you to identify and understand the areas you would like to change or improve to maximise your health. 


Quality sleep is an essential ingredient to feel and perform at your best. There are many ways in which we can adapt our daily lives to give ourselves the best chance of quality rest at night. Our sleep experts understand the ins and outs of the mechanics of sleep and have translated this into practical tips and advice to help individuals adapt their routines and improve the quality of their sleep. We provide training, group sessions or 121 sessions to help individuals redefine their relationship with sleep. 


What we put into our bodies is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Many of us have the very best intentions when it comes to nutrition. What is most often missing is the practical knowledge and advice to educate and motivate us to follow our intentions. There is so much information out there about nutrition it is neither practical nor feasible to work through it all and understand how to put it into practice day to day. That is where we come in, our nutrition experts understand the fundamentals and more importantly know how to put it into practice in a way that is manageable. They will work with you in groups or on a 1-to-1 basis to provide education on the essentials, understand your needs, and help you to develop manageable ways to put your good intentions into practice. 

Exercise & Mental Performance

Physical exercise is both good for our physical health and promotes mental wellbeing. With busy schedules it is difficult to find the time and energy to get the exercise want and need. Our experts will work with you to consider the physical exercise options that work best for you. Finding exercise schedules that fit into our daily lives so that they become part of our routine is a great way to ensure we keep physically active and get all the health benefits that come with this. For females, we will work with you to match your physical exercise plan to your hormone cycle to maximise the benefits of your exercise routine through optimising timing throughout the month. 

Hormonal health

Our hormones play an integral role in how we feel day to day. We all understand the basic monthly cycle but we were never taught the ins and outs of how our hormone levels change day by day during the month and what this means for the way we feel in our body and mind. Our experts will change this, educating you on the details and more importantly the changes you can make to adapt your day-to-day routines to work around your hormone cycle. Optimising our monthly schedules to work with our hormones, helps us to be more productive and feel better – it can also help to address hormonal imbalances which effect many of us. 


When it comes to rest, sleep isn’t always the solution. Our energy has many forms – physical, mental, sensory, creative, emotional, social and spiritual. Figuring out which energy is running low and what you need to address it is key to re-energising and finding the motivation to perform at your best. Our experts provide group or individual training and coaching to support you to understand and assess your energy levels and help you to re-charge. 


Like our thoughts, our feelings are part of an information processing system sending us signals to stop, act or change. More often than not our emotions take a backseat to our thoughts particularly in our professional lives and this can leave us feeling off-centre and out of balance. Our experts are trained in coaching with emotions, experienced in helping individuals to access, understand and integrate their emotions with their thoughts to improve their sense of balance and make better decisions. 


Work/life balance doesn’t exist, we only have one life, balance is about dividing the time we have between all our various roles and goals. Often our busy schedules leave little time to do the things we most enjoy. A thorough review of where and how we spend our time could help us to re-evaluate and re-prioritise leaving more time for the things that matter to us. Our experts provide training and coaching to support individuals with reviewing how they spend their time and help them to alter routines and habits leaving them feeling like they have more time. 


A clear sense of purpose in our professional and personal lives is what we need to thrive. We all have times in our lives when we feel stuck, lacking a sense of fulfilment. At the heart of this, is typically a loss of our sense of purpose. Our coaches will work with you to explore and connect with, what matters most to you “your values”, what you do best “your strengths” and what you love doing “your passion”. They will then supportively challenge you to integrate this information and assess the gaps, across your professional and personal roles, to help you find changes you can make to re-connect with your sense of purpose. 


Being in the right mindset for the situation at hand is essential to optimise performance. This applies both at work and at home in all our different roles and with all our competing goals. The varied nature of work today means that we need to switch mindsets frequently – from manager, to strategic leader, from presenting to board members to supporting colleagues, from working at home to being a parent at home. Preparing our mindset is as important, if not more, than the practical preparation ahead of meetings, key conversations and events. Our team of experts can provide training and coaching to help you with tools, tips and tricks to understand the mindset you need and how to switch in and out of it effectively throughout the day. 


Many of us these days navigate multiple, competing roles and goals, both at home and in our professional lives. The world of work and home is ever changing and brings its challenges on a daily basis. Being resilient is essential to enable us to cope with and recover from setbacks. Keeping calm through challenge and crises is an underrated skill. Our coaches will help you to explore your stressors, your go-to coping mechanisms and supportively challenge you to find ways in which to strengthen your resilience. 


Self-confidence is about having trust in oneself, in our abilities, qualities and judgements. We are all naturally inclined to be self-critical and draw negative comparisons between ourselves and others. We know that feeling confident in everyday life is a challenge, we also know the strategies, tips and tricks which help individuals to achieve this. Feeling confident helps us show up and perform at our best, through training and coaching we can help you build and maintain your confidence so you can do just that. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with Marian over a number of years. She’s an outstanding coach whose naturally friendly and empathetic approach is equally balanced with a formidable business brain and proven business acumen. I’d recommend Marian to anyone who wants to push themselves and their business to the next level and I’m proud to have Marian as one of our coaching associates

Karen Whittleworth
Author & Founder of Worthlearning