Mini Resilience Course



The aim of this foundation course is to understand resilience. You’ll discover your unique personal resilience profile and in doing so, identify and prioritise areas for building a more resilient you.


This course is suitable for individuals of all backgrounds and ages looking to build their resilience.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand resilience. What is it? Why is it important? How can you build it?
  • Discover your unique personal resilience profile and explore areas to develop.
  • Create your own personal resilience action plan for success.


The course takes place over a three week period. One to one feedback and further training can also be arranged upon request.

Gallwn ddarparu’r cwrs hwn yn y Gymraeg (This course can be delivered in Welsh)


The expert leading this course is Marian Evans


Module One

Understanding Resilience 90 minutes

  • In this module we will work through Elevate BC’s personal resilience model and explore each of the five elements: purpose, connectedness, physical well-being, emotional balance, and self-compassion. Next, we’ll take the opportunity to explore each one in more detail.

Module TWO

Your Personal Resilience Profile 90 minutes

  • This part of the course will focus on discovering your unique personal resilience profile. Reflecting on each element of the personal resilience model, you will gain a deeper understanding of which areas of resilience you would benefit from strengthening, how this might benefit you and actions that you could take to move forward. 

Module Three

Elevating Personal Resilience

  • Based on the areas discussed in Module 2, the final module will help you create a personal roadmap for elevating personal resilience. We will explore techniques to support your success.  This will be your action plan ensuring you are firmly on your way to a brighter future. 


  • Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is expected
  • Respectful Participation: Create a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants

Required Texts and Materials

  • Access will be given to all course materials and online resources 

Support and Resources

  • Online Discussion Forum for Q&A 
  • Additional Reading and Research Materials 


  • Course content and schedule are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion


The course will commence on Tuesday 13th February 2024.

All sessions will be delivered online via our exclusive platform with your instructor or can be adapted to on location. Please enquire below.

As an accomplished business woman and experienced Non-Exec Director Marian continues to set a blazing trail making her an ideal Ambassador and Workshop Presenter for Women on Boards UK. Her passion and dedication to supporting ambitious individuals at Elevate BC is echoed in her efforts on our team 

Fiona Hathorn 
CEO of WOB UK and Portfolio NED. Governance, Diversity & Investment Oversight Committees (She/Her)

Working with Marian is always an absolute pleasure. She exudes the perfect combination of professionalism and fun, whilst being one of the leading lights in her field of expertise. I look forward to a time when working with Marian will be a far more regular thing, I have no doubt that there are more exciting times ahead. 

Huw Bates 
Co founder & MD for Haka