Managing Bids and Proposals


Bid Management

This course provides an overview of the key features of successful bid management, including useful approaches to outlining, planning, drafting and submitting a bid.


This course is suitable for everyone – from beginners to experienced practitioners. For beginners, it will serve as an introduction to fundamental bid management principles; for more experienced participants, there is an opportunity to consider methods for refining their approach to developing and writing successful bids. 

The 7 key stages of Bid Management will be considered including:

  1. General Preparation
  2. Evaluating the Opportunity
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Creating and developing the Bid
  5. Quality Assurance & Review
  6. Sign-off and submission
  7. Post-submission – lessons learnt.


2 x 2-2.5 hour session (including short breaks)


The expert leading this course is Dr Rhian Thomas


Understand the fundamentals of sound and successful bid management

  • Including key process steps, activities, roles and responsibilities.

Consider and apply strategic principles to bid management

  • Including the importance of go/no-go evaluations, competitive analysis and value propositions.

Be aware of and demonstrate effective quality review and assurance methods in bid writing.

  • Including a systematic approach to reviewing and improving documentation to achieve successful and compliant bids.


  • Respectful Participation: Create a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants

Support and Resources

  • A summary pack with key information, including a process illustrating the key stages of bid management.
  • Follow-on sessions with RhT for consultancy support and in-depth training on a particular aspect of bid management or writing is possible, subject to agreed terms.
  • LinkedIn page of The Commercial Toolkit regularly posts tips and guidance on Bid Management.


  • The information shared is proprietary and considered confidential and should not be circulated further without prior approval of author. Any and all Intellectual Property Rights in and to the training materials remain vested in The Commercial Toolkit. Participants are not entitled to copy translate or otherwise reproduce in whole or in part any of the information provided in the training material other than with the written permission of TCT.
  • TCT shall not be responsible or liable for (i) the level of attainment reached by individuals participating in training courses nor for their ability to practically apply, whether generally or for any specified or known purpose, the information or training provided by TCT; and ii) the success of any bids or tenders which TCT assists in drafting, reviewing or evaluating.
  • Any information provided does not constitute legal advice.


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