Presence and Presentation Skills 

Delivering an impactful presentation can have wide-ranging benefits that extend far beyond the immediate audience. We have all observed a poor presentation and know how it can result in questioning the authority and credibility of the speaker, even if the presenter is an expert on paper. On the other hand, an excellent presentation can inspire and ignite change, fostering trust and respect, strengthening reputation, and expanding influence. 

It is too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a memorable and engaging presentation should be delivered in a particular way, imitating perhaps those who we believe excel in this area. At Elevate, we help you to find your own voice and show how you can maximise your unique strengths to deliver compelling and influential messages.

Vision, ideas and plans must be communicated effectively in order to ensure engagement and buy-in from your team, stakeholders and other audiences. Our coaches work with you to strengthen the structure and script of your talk, refine delivery and ensure effective use of visual aids. We also work on your capacity to flex your presentation skills to suit different audiences and discuss strategies to implement contingency plans to deal with any changes that may arise.

We consider the role nerves play in presenting and work on building confidence, pinpointing the hurdles that need to be overcome and offer practical solutions to Elevate your performance in an empathetic and understanding manner.

Our coaches will ensure that giving presentations will become an experience that you relish as you can rest assured that you are delivering key messages in a captivating and authentic manner.