Resolving disputes constructively & proactively

Disputes are unfortunately a common occurrence in our business lives but the crucial thing is to make sure that they are dealt with constructively and proactively so that solutions are found without having to resort to expensive court proceedings.

Mediation can often offer the right conditions to be able to resolve a dispute by parties coming up with their own solutions to a problem with the assistance of an independent and experienced mediator who will guide them through that process.

Having that commercial focus and creativity is crucial and these are the attributes of our Mediator, Dr Nerys Llewelyn Jones who is both an ADR Accredited Mediator and CDER Member.

Nerys has acted as Mediator in countless mediations across England and Wales on a variety of commercial, property and business matters. She utilises a pragmatic and common sense approach and encourages parties to do the same.

I believe that a settlement is achievable in every dispute and strive to make every party in a dispute believe this is true in their case. I adopt a pragmatic and common sense approach in mediation and encourage parties to do the same, aiming towards a constructive settlement where achieves the parties’ aims

Dr Nerys Llewelyn