High Performing Teams

A focus on collaborative skills, behaviours & leadership

In a world moving at lightning speed teams must be flexible, adaptable, virtual and still need to deliver excellent work and fresh ideas. To lead in this world, collaboration amongst your people is a key differentiator.

Building collaborative teams will deliver significantly improved performance on projects. Teams that are guided and facilitated to focus on their development will meet deadlines, learn quickly from mistakes and enjoy stronger communications and better relationships with clients.

Having that commercial focus and coaching skill is crucial and these are the attributes of our Team Coach, Ffion Jones MCIPD.

Ffion is a team coach, she has experience in training and developing leaders on major infrastructure projects, developing project teams, behaviours and team culture in addition to coaching bid teams on collaborative behaviours.

I have seen time and time again the benefit that teams and their employers enjoy when they are given the opportunity to focus on how to become high performing. By focusing on collaborative skills, behaviours and leadership, you will see the commercial outcomes of team health.

Ffion Jones