Exec Coaching

Executive coaching helps transform individuals from efficient to exemplary. Focusing on unlocking potential, it involves conversations that challenge and support you to excel in your career.

Although the coaching process is often kept quiet within the business world, it is no secret that if you are going for a leadership role in an organisation or a board position, the chances are you are up against someone who has been prepared and supported by an encouraging executive coach.

The benefits are manifold as it helps you focus on areas for improvement. Your mental wellbeing and the development and direction of your career, your team or board of directions are all areas which can be discussed, evaluated and supported. 

Spanning all industries, executive coaching with Elevate BC offers a flexible and tailored approach. A wide range of tried and tested methodologies are drawn upon and adapted to suit the needs and preferences of the individual to ensure progress and growth. 

We offer Executive Coaching virtually, at your workplace or at Llansteffan Castle. 

We also offer Walking Coaching sessions on our privately owned land which includes a 100 acre farm and the castle.