Executive Presence

Executive presence is a cornerstone of first-rate leadership and refers to the qualities and skills needed to cultivate and exhibit a sense of confidence, credibility, and authenticity. Poise, gravitas, and interpersonal skills as well as persuasive and clear articulation of ideas and strategies all contribute towards strong executive presence. Adapting behaviour to different audiences and the ability to read social cues and situations whilst remaining calm and composed also contribute to its requirements. 

These combinations of qualities result in a leader who gains trust and confidence as well as igniting and maintaining motivation within their team, ensuring a results-driven, collaborative and inspiring workplace.

Our coaches will help you develop your executive presence by identifying key areas of improvement which span a wide range of touchstones from speaking style, nonverbal communication and body language to self-awareness, impact and understanding your behaviour. These benchmarks are nigh on impossible to improve without a qualified and experienced coach.