Board Excellence Review 

What is a Board Excellence Review?

Performance depends on maximising potential and recognising interferences. We enable and empower boards to recognise where they are already strong and what aspects to prioritise to elevate their performance.

A Board Effectiveness Review offers an independent analysis of a board’s ability to perform its duties well and in compliance of its obligations. 

An evaluation of risks and opportunities are conducted and priority areas for practical action are identified. The performance of the team and individual directions are looked upon and the review can include:

  • Desktop analysis which includes an expert review of agendas, minutes, structure, governance, and skills gaps
  • One to one interviews with each member of the board and, where appropriate, the Corporate Governance Support Team
  • Diagnostics such as 360 feedback and strengths profiling e.g. MBTI/DiSC
  • Observation of Board and Committee meetings