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Your instructor: Kelly Davies 

Course Description: The focus of this masterclass is to introduce the concept of balance and begin to explore how to achieve it on an individual level. It is an interactive session which invites participants to reflect and explore with activities to do during the session and take-away. They will learn techniques to enable them to define their essential ingredients to achieve or improve their individual sense of balance.  

This master class will link to a course about balance which will build on some of the content within this class. 

Prerequisites: In advance of this session we invite you to have a think about your top 5 values (things that matter to you), top 5 strengths (things you are good at that energise you), and top 5 interests (things you enjoy, areas you are curious about).

Course Duration: 45-minute masterclass  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the concept of balance and why it is important. 
  1. Be equipped with ideas, tools and strategies to put into practice in developing their own individual picture of balance.   
  1. To develop a reflective practice to deepen their self-awareness through gaining access to alternative perspectives 

Assessment and Grading:

  • No assessment 
  • There will be several exercises to do during the session and take-away to complete.  

Any supporting resources that will be provided:

Wheel of Life template 

Contact Information: 

[email protected]