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This course aims to clarify the differences between management and leadership, focusing on the unique skills, qualities, and strategies that define each role. It equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of these roles and how to effectively combine great management and leadership skills for success in various professional contexts. 


  • None. This course is suitable for individuals at all career stages. 

Course Duration: 

  • 12 weeks 

Throughout this course you will learn how to: 

  1. Differentiate between management and leadership roles, functions, and attributes. 
  1. Develop core management skills, including planning, organizing, and operational excellence. 
  1. Cultivate leadership qualities such as vision, motivation, and team-building. 
  1. Understand the importance of adaptability and flexibility in leadership. 
  1. Apply management and leadership skills to real-world scenarios. 
  1. Balance and integrate management and leadership effectively in a professional context. 

Assessment and Grading: 

  • Participation: 20% 
  • Management Assignments: 25% 
  • Leadership Assignments: 25% 
  • Integrated Management and Leadership Project: 30% 

Supporting Materials: 

  • “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek 
  • “The Practice of Management” by Peter Drucker 
  • Access to course materials and online resources 


  • Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is expected. 
  • Respectful Participation: Create a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants. 

Support and Resources: 

  • Online Discussion Forum for Q&A 
  • Additional Reading and Research Materials 

Disclaimer: Course content and schedule are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.