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Instructor: Marian Evans & the Elevate Team

This course is designed to provide foundational leadership skills and knowledge to individuals whether you are new to leadership or looking to discover your true leadership potential. It covers key principles and practical strategies that will help you transition into the leadership with confidence.

None. This course is suitable for all professional individuals with little or no prior leadership experience.

Course Duration:
8 Modules

Throughout this course you will learn to:

  1. Understand the basics of leadership and its significance in an organizational context.
  2. Develop effective communication and interpersonal skills for leading teams.
  3. Learn the art of setting and achieving goals.
  4. Manage time, tasks, and priorities effectively.
  5. Lead by example and foster a positive team culture.
  6. Handle common leadership challenges and conflicts.
  7. Understand the importance of resilience in leadership
  8. Why empathetic leadership matters

Assessment and Grading:
Participation: 20%
Individual Assignments: 30%
Leadership Project: 25%
Final Reflection Paper: 25%

Required Texts and Materials:

  • Access to course materials and online resources will be available via our Elevate Platform


  • Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is expected.
  • Assignments must be submitted by the due date.
  • Respectful Participation: Create a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants.

Support and Resources:

  • Online Discussion Forum for Q&A
  • Additional Reading and Research Materials online

Contact Information:
[email protected]

Course content and schedule are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.