Course Category: Elevate Work

  • Building an effective technology strategy 

    This course introduces the concept of technology strategy, breaking it down into vision, purpose, and backlog and roadmap. It will explore strategy models created using agile methods and V2MOM, using your own organisational context and scenarios to support your journey to creating effective technology strategies, leveraging the latest technologies, such as AI, connected to business…

  • Stakeholder Management in Technology 

    Stakeholder Management in Technology 

    This course explains stakeholder management and aims to help people working in technology teams to more effectively identify and manage stakeholders when delivering outcomes. Your Instructor: Stuart Arthur Prerequisites:  The course is aimed at people who already deliver technology solutions, working knowledge of the following would therefore be beneficial:  We recommend the following material: Course…

  • An introduction to technology leadership 

    This course introduces technology leadership and is aimed at helping aspiring technology leaders to understand what responsibilities are involved in C-Suite technology roles, what skills are required, and how to obtain a technology leadership role. You will learn about the reality what technology leadership really entails and tackle some real-life scenarios. Your instructor: Stuart Arthur The…

  • Building High Performing Teams

    Building High Performing Teams

    Craft Brilliance. Lead Boldly. Ignite Success. Join our course to unravel the dynamics of high-performing teams. Dive into theory, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises. Gain insights into the key factors driving team success. By course end, you’ll be capable of creating, managing, and thriving in high-performing teams, both personally and professionally.

  • Building Psychological Safety in Teams

    Building Psychological Safety in Teams

    Build Trust. Fuel Innovation. Thrive Together. Join this course to master the art of Psychological Safety—the cornerstone of healthy, productive, and innovative teams. Delve into concepts, theories, and practical skills to create an environment where trust, open communication, and collaboration flourish. Elevate your team dynamics and supercharge overall performance. Let’s redefine success, together.

  • Introduction to Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

    Introduction to Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

    Foster team learning and collaboration with the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team model. Ignite a culture of encouragement and promotion, where every team member contributes to building a stronger, more united force.

  • Managing Bids and Proposals successfully

    Managing Bids and Proposals successfully

    Master the art of successful bid management in this comprehensive course. Learn key features, approaches to outlining, planning, drafting, and submitting a bid. Dive into the 7 essential stages of Bid Management for a strategic and impactful approach.

  • An introduction to Commercial Management

    An introduction to Commercial Management

    Unlock the secrets of Commercial Management. Navigate the contracting lifecycle with finesse, from conceptualisation to closure. Acquire key skills, responsibilities, and proven methods for effective contract management. Elevate your expertise in this transformative session.

  • Communication Skills Course 

    Communication Skills Course 

    Elevate your communication prowess. Master the art of impactful verbal, non-verbal, and written expression across diverse contexts. Unleash the power of effective communication for personal and professional triumphs.

  • Management vs. Leadership Skills Course 

    Management vs. Leadership Skills Course 

    Lead with distinction. Manage with precision. Unleash the synergy of leadership and management for unparalleled professional success.