Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy


Elevate BC advises on all aspects of business strategy, structure, management and operations.

Marian along with her expert associates work with companies to resolve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. Using multisector experience and business skills honed over many years Elevate BC offers objective advice, expertise & facilitation to enable and empower our clients to flourish.

The consultancy is proud to work with key organisations across the UK.

Our client feedback speaks for itself, please see What people say

“Marian is friendly and engaging, thorough, perceptive and articulate.”

John Quinn,  Chairman

“Working with Marian is a real pleasure. She adds value by offering clear ideas based on thoughtful assessment of the issue at hand. She ensures there is a clear focus on what is right for the business, it’s customers and members of staff.”

Mark Sedgley, Chief Executive

” Marian is one of those rare individuals that has razor sharp business acumen and high emotional intelligence. Working with Marian is thrilling, she´s tuned in and very focused on getting the job done in a both a very empathetic and determined way. She is the perfect sparring partner to grow and expand ideas and more importantly get the job done! The only way is up for this lady, she is a truly great ambassador for Women in Business.”

Claire Davies, Co-Founder & Creative VP FabraDavies

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Business Consulting

Elevate BC Ltd

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Registered as a Company in England & Wales

Office Address: Gwynne House, 6 Quay Street, Carmarthen, UK SA31 3JX